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Cactus Texturizing Shampoo

Cactus Texturizing Shampoo


 CACTUS Texturizing Shampoo

Texture building particles in the shampoo bring out the hair’s natural wave and personality while providing grit and grip for easy-to-style hair. The result is thick, robust, 2nd day hair. Good for no fuss, amazing looking hair, straight out of the shower. Use like a normal shampoo. To achieve the most texture, but skip conditioner. Perfect for air-dry styling.  Diatomaceous Earth, builds texture and adds grip while absorbing excess oil on the hair and scalp. Sunflower Seed Extract, nourishes hair and scalp. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, strengthens and hydrates weak or damaged hair fibers. Glycerin,helps seal moisture into the hair


    Return in store within 14 days for full refund


    In store pick up or free local delivery on purchase over 150

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